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The Beginning of Viennie V


Now that many of you have watched Viennie V's most recent music video "For You," let's take a trip down memory lane to see how this rising pop artist got started!

Viennie V released her first album Nightmare or Dream back in September. The album had an eccentric mix of songs, but overall the album had a fairly strong retro pop-rock sound. Nightmare or Dream featured vampire-meets-rock cover art and included an exclusive manga based around the various tracks names of Viennie's album. The manga was created by artist Chris Hayes.

Nightmare or Dream produced two music videos- "Nightmare or Dream" and "Thinking of You."

"Nightmare or Dream" premiered on September 20, 2011 and it quickly landed itself on the front page of YouTube in the music category. The parody music video was based on the popularity of vampire-inspired entertainment such as the Twilight series and True Blood.

Viennie V Front Page YouTube Nightmare or Dream The Beginning of Viennie V

"Thinking of You" premiered on September 22, 2011 and quickly followed  the same path of success as previous single "Nightmare or Dream." The music video instantly landed on the front page of YouTube in the music category as Viennie V's previous single had accomplished.

Viennie V Thinking of You Front Page YouTube The Beginning of Viennie V

The music video for "Nightmare or Dream" became the #6 most viewed music video for the week- just five days after premiering (you can click any image to enlarge). On the same day, the music video for "Thinking of You" became the #9 most viewed music video- just three days after premiering. "Nightmare or Dream" earned the #5 spot for most viewed music video at it's peak , while "Thinking of You" respectively rose to take the #6 spot at it's peak.

Viennie V ScreenShot Honors 9 25 11 1024x630 The Beginning of Viennie V

Viennie V was on the fast track to YouTube success with two music videos that were quickly gaining popularity. Viennie V quickly earned the recognition of being the #1 viewed musician on YouTube only a week after premiering her first music video. She also earned the spot for #11 most viewed channel overall on YouTube for that week as well.

Viennie V 1 Most Viewed Musician YouTube The Beginning of Viennie V

People began to take notice and started writing about Viennie V.

"Viennie V’s voice is strong. She’s has a good range and can alternate between powerful and more delicate passages. The album makes good use of multiple layers of harmonies. The chorus hooks are catchy and overall this is an entertaining set. It really feels like it could have been lifted from the latest Top-40 chart. Yes, it’s that catchy."
Gary Hill - Indie music review specialist
Four Stars

" Crunchy power chords, tasteful electronic fills and overall head-bopping dynamism, "Thinking Of You" - together with "Nightmare or Dream" and "What Should I Do" - makes for a winning home run of opening three songs for Viennie V. Yes, it is that good and in a kinder and gentler world, deserves to be on top of the Billboard Singles Charts for 21 weeks."
Kevin Mathews - Pop media review analyst
Four Stars

"Nightmare or Dream, has been one of the most-watched on YouTube for a couple of days now... I particularly thought the image of V writhing around in a morgue locker was original and interesting... The tune is catchy."
Music and Mayhem

Web post mentioning "Thinking of You"

Fan-made birthday video featuring "Nightmare or Dream"

Viennie V gained many fans and supporters with her fun and entertaining videos and catchy songs. The pop singer enjoyed singing pop-rock songs on her first album, but decided to experiment with and focus on a dance-pop sound for her second effort. So far, this has translated into pop single "For You." In addition, Viennie V has recently recorded a new upbeat track called "I'll Hold My Breath."

Viennie V may have just started her music career, but she has already shown millions of people that she's a pint-sized pop force who is gaining speed and has no intention of slowing down. She's a smart and attractive young woman who listens to her fans and delivers solid, entertaining results in the form of great pop music.


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