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Reviews of Viennie V’s Debut surface

(Top 10 Music Artist of the week)

The reviews are rolling in, and it looks like we made the grade. Check out World News' featured page on the videos. Viennie V is called a "Rock Goddess"on  popular website BuzzFeed.

YouTube has awarded the official Viennie V YoutTbe page with the following top ranks at this time:

#1 - Most Viewed (day) - Musicians
#1 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Musicians
#40 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Musicians
#11 - Most Viewed (This Week)

The traffic is still rolling in however, and it is very likely to surpass #40 of the month, and #11 of the week. Let's cross our fingers!

"Viennie V’s voice is strong. She’s has a good range and can alternate between powerful and more delicate passages. The album makes good use of multiple layers of harmonies. The chorus hooks are catchy and overall this is an entertaining set. It really feels like it could have been lifted from the latest Top-40 chart. Yes, it’s that catchy."
Gary Hill - Indie music review specialist
Four Stars

" Crunchy power chords, tasteful electronic fills and overall head-bopping dynamism, "Thinking Of You" - together with "Nightmare or Dream" and "What Should I Do" - makes for a winning home run of opening three songs for Viennie V. Yes, it is that good and in a kinder and gentler world, deserves to be on top of the Billboard Singles Charts for 21 weeks."
Kevin Mathews - Pop media review analyst
Four Stars

"Nightmare or Dream, has been one of the most-watched on YouTube for a couple of days now... I particularly thought the image of V writhing around in a morgue locker was original and interesting... The tune is catchy."
Music and Mayhem


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