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Did Dev Diss Ke$ha’s Shaved Hairstyle?


Pop singers are notorious for taking jabs at other artists, so this shouldn't be too shocking.trans Did Dev Diss Ke$has Shaved Hairstyle?

Last Tuesday (Jan. 10), Ke$ha tweeted her new rocker look on Twitter to the glee of fans. The party girl shaved one side of her head in the likes of fellow musicians Skrillex and Cassie.

Interestingly, Dev tweeted a little later on that same day: “Homegirl is all late lol. That was cool a year ago friend.”

It didn't take long for Dev's followers to notice the connection and soon, Dev was bombarded with hateful tweets and lots of unfollows from unhappy fans.

The next day, Dev tweeted the following message in response to all the negative activity: "I never said said no ones name, yall assume too much. Tsk-tsk"

This incident just goes to show that everything you say or write in the public eye will come back to bite you, so be careful!


Source: Pop Crush


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